Bell – Managing my mobile usage

CX/UX Designer, researcher and creative writer

A couple of years ago for fun and for an interview I went through my Bell mobile app to manage my consumption. I wanted to see if you could quickly improve affordance and information hierarchy relative to my own data consumption and features.

I started by laying down the tree structure

I first noticed an important depth for something as trivial as my mobile data consumption in real time.

Bell Mobile App interface

Then came the interface

At this level, the user has already made several choices that should trim down the number of Items on that list.

A lot of items on that list are still too high in the hierarchy or not in the right place. Travel & Roaming should be in My Usage or Upgrade should be in My Plan and features unless it was a call to action.

User flow

The flow shown that the decision the user make are not self explanatory, and a lot of real estate is last to those lists without giving the user much information.

The double navigation at the top and the bottom plus the list of items to choose mixed with the capacity of jumping from one page to the third level make the flow confusing.


  • Simplification of information hierarchy
  • Self explanatory sections
  • Reduction of in depth navigation to p rovide a straightforward experience

User Interface

  • Reassurance by displaying relevant user datas
  • User can easily switch from one interest to another
  • Graphic clearly displays data left of original plan
  • User can easily switch from data to Voice or text
  • Shorter page so no loss of below the fold information
  • Interactions are straightforward with a clear “+” icon
  • The user clearly knows they are managing the consumption of a specific service and can switch service at anytime by selecting “services”

User Flow

  • By providing engaging titles on the Landing Page, we can simplify and ease user navigation and tasks (ex: Manage My Mobile)
  • After performing just one task, all the different bottom menu items are self explanatory
  • Call to action like “More data” are higher in the navigation so will be now more engaging


Forcing the user to make too many choice to access simple information often lead them to confusion. That confusion is going to reduce the general usage, and reduce the opportunity to upsale. Give the user what they need and they will gladly engage with more of the brand’s product.

Finally, those days were well spend and got me a job offer for Bell.

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